Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Spring, Finally!

The weeks go by so fast that I feel my head is spinning most of the time.  I have so many good intentions but most never come to life. 

Since the pictures of my latest meals are still in the camera I thought I would share a couple of pictures that make me happy...

The first pictures of pansies by the front door and the yellow bell bush (my Grandma Nix called these forsythia bushes yellow bells or Easter bells so that is what I typically call them)  in my front yard.  These make me happy especially after the long cold and dark winter.

This one also makes me happy...

Bailey loves to go to the park and sometimes I catch him with the camera at the right moment.  Most of the time he is running around with sticks in his mouth wanting you to throw them so he can play keep away with you.

I'll get back to cooking soon as it's too hot to be outside :)